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  1. Joe Public says:

    Nuts to this crap. With out Niklaus Wirth DMR wouldn’t have wanted something better, and if Martin Richards hadn’t of come up with BCPL, the B programming language wouldn’t have exited and so possibly then neither would C.

    There is no logic that says C was the cause of all the applications listed. I am sure they would have been programed in something else.

    Also steve Jobs wouldn’t have hade mass production to build the computers with out the likes Joseph Whitworth and Henry Ford.

    GOD I REALLY hate these stupid (missinformed) comparisons made by people who have no idea of history. People go read some books and stop implicitly believing t’internet!

    DMR does deserve more recognition, and got it it’s just joe public has no real interest, just like if I ask them to name the nobel prize winner for well… anything.

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